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Welcome to BD Financial Concepts

Since 2002, BD Financial Concepts Inc., lead by Beah del Cid, has been striving to build a business that looks out for the financial and personal welfare of every client. In every meeting, appointment and conversation, we strive to demonstrate in both words and actions that ensuring the highest possible quality of life for those that seek our help is what we care about and what we do best.

We are a leader in Central Florida because we commit to a high standard and deliver on that commitment. You, our faithful client, drive BD Financial Concepts, Inc. with the positive things you tell your friends and neighbors. We will take every opportunity available to secure your positive referral.

Preserve Plan Build

Our philosophy demonstrates our goal for you. These three words describe in one breath what many financial advisors don't understand after reading hundreds of books. If you don't take the appropriate steps, retirement may not be so golden

We start by ensuring that we can preserve your hard earned assets. You have worked hard throughout your life to build up the nest egg you
have today, and we at BD Financial Concepts want to work with you to preserve those assets for the future.

The next piece is putting together and executing the plan that will make your financial goals a reality.

  • Maybe you want to spend every dime in your lifetime. We will create a plan that makes sure you don't run out of money.
  • Maybe you want to leave a fund behind for College. We will create a plan that helps you leave your legacy.
  • And maybe, you want to provide for a positive future of your heirs, but you don't want the money blown on a sports car. We will work with you to create plan that stretches your legacy for years and generations to come

And to make the picture complete, we help you build your nest egg. After years of working for your money, it's about time your money did some work for you. At BD Financial Concepts we will help you position your money so that it will grow at a competitive rate of return.

Building Forever Clients
Our motto tells you where our heart is. So many financial companies work to maintain their bottom line. Many of your friends, and perhaps you yourself, have placed your trust in an advisor only to have them disappear never to be heard from again. On the rare occasion you get in touch with them, you get referred to a 1-800-WHO-CARES number. Not so at BD Financial Concepts. From the first time we meet, we are working to ensure that you are going to be our client forever.

Throughout the year we will keep in touch with all of our clients, and not just with our classes, client get-togethers and quarterly newsletters, but also through phone calls and appointments. From our very first client, Beah built BD Financial Concepts by treating every person like a part of our family. It is with that level of caring that we continue to execute according to our motto. We welcome each of you into our family, and we are there to provide you with help and direction no matter what.